Granite Countertops

Granite is a natural stone and the perfect accent for your home or business. Granite countertops are also far tougher than other options like quartzite, soapstone, and marble. To learn more about our granite offerings or to get get started, contact our team of countertop installers today.

Add Quality & Durability to Your Space


As one of the best choices for kitchen countertops available, granite provides you with a durable and reliable finish. Granite is available in a WIDE range of colors, designs, and eye-catching patterns. However, due to it’s natural formation, granite slabs will always vary in pattern and tone from slab to slab, even if it was cut from the same block. This is why we always recommend our clients see their granite slab in person. Granite is also extremely resistant to things like heat, dirt, and more – meaning it will be very easy to clean and maintain. And with heat-resistance, scratch-resistance, and more, granite is perfect for any kitchen or space.

Our Countertops Are Typically Installed Faster Than Most Companies

Upgrade Your Kitchen Countertops


With our fast installation times, we can get you enjoying your new countertop in no time. We’ll work hard to create a customized countertop you can be proud of, working with both standard edges and custom edges. With a high quality natural stone like granite, your new kitchen or bathroom countertops will last a long time. Additionally, you can be confident that your countertops will not only look great, but offer the durability you need. Contact the team at Silva’ Stone to learn more about our range of countertop installation services.

Commercial & Residential Granite Installations

Get Your Countertops Installed by Local Experts

Silva’ Stone works hard to find the highest quality granite available, ensuring that your newly installed counters last. While granite has a high-quality expensive feel to it, the durability is truly unmatched. To get started on upgraded your kitchen island or countertops today, contact the team at Silva’ Stone. We look forward to hearing from you and creating something truly remarkable together.

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