Countertop Installation Process

Our countertop installation process is thorough, which lets us transform your space into something truly incredible. From initial selection to final installation, we have you covered. Check out our process and learn more about what makes Silva’ Stone the best countertop installation company around.

We Work to Find Your Perfect Fit


The team at Silva’ Stone is dedicated to finding a solution for your unique situation. Regardless of whether you are able to select the perfect stone in our showroom, or at one of our affiliate warehouses, our team will make sure you find the exact material and style you want. Come visit us today to start looking at options!

Accurate Measurements & More


Once your initial deposit is made, we get started on the templating process. We send one of our professionals to measure your space, getting proper square footage to ensure that the installation process runs smoothly. With our templating services, your space will look beautiful once we are finished with your countertop.

Custom Cut to Suit Your Space


After the templating process is finished, our experts will take care of the entire fabrication process. We carefully cut stone, create picturesque edges, and more with ease. Our team is able to install elegant and durable countertops, and you can be confident that we’ll get things done with in a timely manner. Contact us today to learn more about our countertop services.

The Final Step


Our experts work hard to get you back to your daily routine as soon as possible, installing high quality countertops faster than most companies. To get started with our countertop installation services, contact the team at Silva’ Stone to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with your next countertop project.

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